Bi-Jingo’s approach is pragmatic and immersive, so we research and reflect a world that feels realistic for our delegates. As increasing numbers of our clients are sharing, working and managing online, we have tailored our approach to support theirs. Working with universal, or client specific technology, we are constantly extending and honing our ability to deliver training virtually, through a variety of Platforms.

Our business actors are used to working on screen. Their skills-set not only enables them to bring training to life through this medium but also to coach the behaviours which enhance communication and engagement when working in this way.

Communication and Engagement are the cornerstones of Connectivity (though good bandwidth helps too!). With these in place, the Training Room can be your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. We come to you.

“All the benefits of interactive classroom training, without the costs of travel. My Actor/ Facilitator was extremely effective”  Schibsted  Media

We’d love to meet you online – get in touch and we’ll ensure we appear on a screen near you very soon.