A couple of organisations that we work with have called us ‘thought partners’; one talks about us as ‘our internal theatre company’; most of them just introduce the Bi-Jingo actors as ‘our colleagues’. I am desperately proud of all the relationships we have with all the people we work with. I’m busting to tell you more, so call me!


Design and Client Management by REBECCA@BI-JINGO.COM

Thinking about a new programme?  Planning a global training project? Wondering how to bring virtual training to life?

Drop me a line and I’ll tell you more about our bespoke design process and what our drama-based approach looks like in practice.


Production Coordination by Sophie INFO@BI-JINGO.COM

Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet? If you want to talk logistics, practicalities and prices then get in touch.


Casting by Cherry and Celine CASTING@BI-JINGO.COM

Want to know more about the capability of our local teams around the world? Get in touch and we’ll introduce you to our all-star cast.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by MARIAM@BI-JINGO.COM

Want to open a dialogue around DEI but don’t know where to start? Feel like the difficult conversations are just too difficult? Or are you looking to create a lasting impact concerning an important topic?

I can help. Get in touch and I can talk about how our DEI practice works.


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BiJingoTraining @BiJingoTraining

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THE UNDERSTUDY: Our training and rehearsal space, based in London SW12, comfortably seats 25 people. Give us a call if your event needs a home.

Need actors for an existing programme?  Want to design a whole new project?  Looking for a creative training partner? – we are your resource. Get in touch.