A couple of organisations that we work with have called us ‘thought partners’; one talks about us as ‘our internal theatre company’; most of them just introduce the Bi-Jingo actors as ‘our colleagues’. I am desperately proud of all the relationships we have with all the people we work with. I’m busting to tell you more, so call me!


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Thinking about a new programme?  Planning a global training project? Wondering how to bring virtual training to life?

Drop me a line and I’ll tell you more about what our drama-based approach looks like in practice.


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Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet? If you want to talk logistics, practicalities and prices then get in touch.



Want to know more about the capability of our local teams around the world? Get in touch and we’ll introduce you to our all-star cast.

In Memoriam: JENNY LYNCH


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THE UNDERSTUDY: Our training and rehearsal space, based in London SW12, comfortably seats 25 people. Give us a call if your event needs a home.


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