Our new website

On March 10th, this year,  we launched the all-new Bi-Jingo website.  The old site had done 8 years’ loyal service. It was time to update, to reflect the growth and development of our approach, our global reach, our Bi-Jingo Academy, our people – our work.

Back in July last year, we sat down with Gordon from South Design.  Several cups of coffee, a complicated demonstration of the various integral parts of Bi-Jingo using sugar packets (bringing theory to life!) and some detailed discussions about site structure, brought about a site map.

Then the came the creative bit…

We believe that Creativity and Curiosity go hand in hand. So, we asked ourselves some searching questions about our mission, our values and our brand.  We started a dialogue about our vision for the future. We took a lot of notes, sent a lot of emails to Gordon and created a lot of visual drafts.

Some key themes emerged…

Like architects, we build skill (not buildings) with creativity and precision.

Our expertise is rehearsal. We use the skill of the actor to engage, involve and immerse our clients and prepare them for top performance.

Our focus is dialogue. We get our clients better at those crucial conversations that drive engagement, productivity and transformation…and we do this on a global scale, virtually or face to face. 

We invest in the quality of our work, through the Bi-Jingo Academy – which means our people shine.

These themes laid the foundation for our landing page image: the rehearsal sign, the global skyline illuminated by stars, the chairs ready for our clients to start a dialogue…

So, here you are! What do you think?  Let us know!

We’re looking forward many conversations in the days, weeks, months and years to come!