ACT 1: Engage

Engagement is our training room catalyst. Without it, no learning can take place. Our tools for engagement come from the world of drama: character, story and the charisma of our actors & facilitators. That’s why we call it corporate theatre. These tools are designed to keep audiences alert and attentive to ‘The Science’, as well as the business-critical content of each course.

ACT 2: Involve

Simply paying attention isn’t enough – real growth requires participation. After watching a scene, the audience become participants and get involved. In a Forum, they make comments and direct how the story should unfold. A very clever facilitator then aligns this with ‘The Science’. The participants begin forming their own strategies for how to approach the conversations they are watching.

ACT 3: Immerse

Finally, participants test their new, well-founded, strategies with purposeful practice. While the world our actors create may feel a lot like the workplace, it’s not. It is corporate theatre, a rehearsal space, and a safe place in which you can try out new behaviours. Then observe the results. Our team are rehearsal experts.

ENTER: THE BI-JINGO SKILLS POD. A Special Guest Appearance.

Our clients have called it an ‘agent of change’. We call it The Skills Pod. The pod is a tool to practise, get feedback and then practise again. On the back of that feedback, they cement new and better habits to build success.

"Bi-jingo are attentive, responsive and very easy to deal with. Actors I've used in EMEA, APAC and the USA have aligned well to the briefs and provided precisely the acting and coaching support I've wanted.  Great people to work with".

Tim Royds Director, highclere sales training.

“The Jewel in the Crown”

Global Head of Learning and Development at Leading Investment Bank.

“Our managers couldn’t stop raving about the training, even months afterwards.  Many said it was the best training they’d ever been to in their entire career. A fantastic experience all round.”

Leading Innovator in Cloud Storage – San Francisco.

“In the grey world of ROI, working with Bi-Jingo has delivered tangible results every time; challenging, stimulating and great fun to work with!”

Mark Stables - Group Director of L&D, Specsavers.

“The sessions hit the mark with a very challenging audience...consistently professional and innovative - Bi-Jingo inspire confidence!”

Karen Llewellyn – National Training and Integration Manager, Lloyds Banking Group.

“Bi-Jingo really took the time to understand our recruitment systems and processes and have tailored the workshops they deliver to meet our needs. Bi-Jingo's trainers have been really proactive and approachable. Feedback from the workshops has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Rachel Allan – BDO.

“Bi-Jingo are a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, innovative and full of energy. They managed to engage a very tough crowd.”

Tereza Mala – easyJet.

“Another unique experience with your dynamic team. A well executed piece which has added significantly to the effectiveness of my sales teams.”

Ian Pyzer – Johnson and Johnson.

“Bi-Jingo deliver training that really makes a difference in a quick, meaningful and cost effective way.”

Sony – UK.

“...a flexible and responsive resource... the quality of Bi-Jingo's input and their grasp of business issues is impressive. The acid test? we are seeing changed behaviour amongst participating managers.”

Bill Templeton - Leadership Development Manager, Network Rail.

“Bi-Jingo play a vital role in helping us develop our people”



Want to ‘Engage’ and learn more about our approach to corporate theatre? Get in touch. We promise that we will have ideas. Fancy an introduction to the Bi‑Jingo Skills Pod? Phone or email us