New Office, Same (mostly) Us

Last June, Bi-Jingo HQ moved to our new location at Bedford Hill, London SW12.  Balham is a thriving urban village, a vibrant blend of businesses, culture and people – which makes it a fitting home-hub for Bi-Jingo’s own creative mix. 

David, Agnes (our Operations guru) and the team had been up and running in the new office for nearly a year.  Our London team had visited in person, our global teams had visited virtually (thank you Skype and FaceTime)…but the walls were still a little bare…

So we contacted Wilson&Blair; two emerging, local artists, about to commence their studies at London’s Central St Martins. We commissioned them to create a unique installation that celebrated the Bi-Jingo brand on its home turf. 

We offered the new Bi-Jingo website as inspiration; the global Skyline, illuminated by those Bi-Jingo stars as a backdrop for our work – the business of rehearsal.  

“When re-creating a global skyline for the office space, we borrowed from one of our favourite artists, David Hockney. Using his ‘Joiners’ technique, our visual collage effect gives a sense of creativity and shifting perspective that in turn reflects the Bi-Jingo approach to training.  After long deliberation we decided on 5 iconic buildings in locations where there is a strong Bi-Jingo presence: The Gherkin – London, The Messeturm – Frankfurt, The Goldman Sachs Tower- New York, The OCBC Centre – Singapore and The Bank of China – Hong Kong.  We framed the collage with lights to give it a theatrical aesthetic and to represent Bi-Jingo’s real life stars – the individual actors that create the company’s work. The name CUT!  not only references our making process but also the ‘Time-Outs’ that Bi-Jingo use during their sessions, in order to get ideas flowing again.”


On the opposite wall, sticking with the collage theme, we displayed 18 carefully selected frames, each representing one of Bi-Jingo’s global teams and arranged in the shape of a world map.”  Wilson&Blair.

And finally, Wilson&Blair brought to life the core of our training approach with their creation of an illuminated ‘In Rehearsal’ sign. The lights are on and we’re ready to work!FullSizeRender                    IMG_8445[3]