COVID-19 Update


Hello and thanks for popping by Bi-Jingo – in the safe way. We hope you and your

loved ones are well, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side.

We have been doing ‘virtual’ events with our global  teams for around 8-9 years,

so we haven’t had to create a metaphorical vaccine to keep working.  With actors in 25

countries, it should not surprise you that we use the screen to train our associates all the time.


It is ‘business as unusual’ right now, for everyone here. Drama-based training

takes many forms, so dramatically, we made the decision to furlough no one.

There is plenty to do, come what may, and we are sufficiently well-structured to keep

our promises to a team of people who deserve that..


For clients with offices globally, we often do ‘live’ events in places as diverse as Singapore,

London and New York, then spend the last couple of days working

through the screen with smaller gaggles in other offices in more remote locations.

Oh, and we have gone round the world in a day from an office in Sheffield

for the global leaders of a truly global bank. We even made a video of it.


Ask and you shall receive!

Frankly, we would always prefer to keep it ‘live’ because it makes us tingle.
But while we can’t, let’s go tech. Either way, we’re here for you and your training needs.
You will still get our smart, challenging and charismatic group of actors and facilitators.