Here at Bi-Jingo, your rehearsal is our performance, so we pride ourselves on being nimble enough to respond to every working reality.

When partnering our friends at Accenture (we love working with clever people), to build leadership capability within the Procurement of Function of one of the world’s biggest banks, we decided to take transformational change directly to the desktop – via their video-conference platform.

2 hour training sessions, delivered live to participants’ screens and facilitated by our Actors, shaped crucial leadership conversations, without the need for an away day.

We engaged our audience with the possibility for transformation through a Virtual Forum, then offered simple models to try, in our small group virtual Skills Pods. We added in some bespoke virtual practice sessions, where participants received feedback and coaching on their own real life scenarios.

A See It, Try It, Develop It approach.

Participants welcomed the opportunity to learn by doing and to share their training experience with their colleagues in other offices around the world. Many of their roles entail managing colleagues via the virtual platform. Delivering, interacting and facilitating through this technology meant that our Actor-facilitators also got to demonstrate some practical tools for engaging through the screen, which could then be explored and mirrored by the participants – virtual training by stealth!

100% of the participants rated the course as good, very good or excellent. The programme was so successful that it received second place in the global training awards, judged by the Bank’s Executive committee.

“The significant planning that went into the programme was evident by the success of its execution, including the use of video conferencing and breakout sessions. The use of Bi-Jingo actors was the critical element in making the examples “real.”

Leading member of Exco Committee.