Easy Jet is proud of its strong and distinct culture and rightly so. From small beginnings twenty years ago, they set out to do it their way and have since grown to become Europe’s leading airline, employing over 8000 people world wide. Despite the breadth of this work-force and the complexity of contracting ground operations, they value a ‘one-team’ approach to delivery. It is an open and collaborative culture with a passion for their customers and the work they do. They like to have some fun too.

Though we don’t quite have 8000 employees at Bi-Jingo, we similarly started out 20 years ago (or thereabouts) and have used our unique approach to grow a global team with a passion for their work… and yes, we also like to have fun.

When easyJet approached us to help run a ‘Customer Conference’ for Ground Ops, we put our heads together to plan an event which developed easyJet’s passion for customer service and ensured we put an all important smile on the faces of the people responsible for it.

ENTER our own GROUND OPS CREW (the actors):

They meet, greet, misdirect, frisk, check bags, ask conference attendees to go out and come in again, to take their shoes off as they arrive…immersing them in a very real customer experience.

We have continued to co-produce conferences with easyJet since 2012. When the event has been about disruption, we have disrupted in style:

ENTER: two ACTORS, dressed as conference staff, dismantling the set while the Head of Customer ran through her slides

Where celebration was the theme we have led the cheers

Cue a Duty Free Trolley dash…

We love an audience and we’re really good at engagement. But don’t take our word for it…

“Our people learnt loads, they laughed, they got involved, it was fun but, most of all, they all left with tips and techniques and a sense of creating their own standards at an individual level. We have very much enjoyed working with Bi-Jingo and look forward to welcoming them back, they are very much part of our extended easyJet team.”

Lisa Burger