Our client’s brand is committed to cultivating vitality and growth worldwide. When they invited us to join them on a global mission – to shift negotiation behaviour towards greater flexibility and creativity, without compromising commercial resilience – we jumped at the chance. It excited us because it played to our strengths.

Small shifts would create huge impact in a workforce of this scale, but would also mean changing the behavioural style of hundreds of conversations around the world. Negotiations conversations with wholesale behemoths, with household-name supermarkets, drugstores, newsagents, cinemas…in Russia, Sweden, Africa, Vietnam, Germany…

Operating on this scale brings responsibility too; to the environment, to developing communities, to sustainability.

Our local teams meant that we could honour these the responsibilities in a way that also heightened our responsiveness to local culture and experience. They also meant we could offer delivery in local language.

When training needs to travel worldwide, it’s important that the message has the power needed to go the distance, without getting lost in translation. So, we worked to build a framework for change, then we set about making it road-worthy. Here at Bi-Jingo, a framework isn’t a concept, it’s a story – a structure to be played. We step into the theory and explore what it both looks and feels like.

Our local teams have since used the framework to immerse themselves and the participants in some deep practice, using detailed Case Studies that really reflect the participants’ reality. To date we have delivered to over 100 participants in 9 countries (and counting) with the butterfly effect of change being felt across the business and the world.

“The opportunity to practice and receive coaching on the role plays was game changing”

Participant, Germany.