Our approach is exacting. A Skills Pod is more than just role-play, it is an innovative solution with ambition; an interactive facilitator-led master-class with a focus on total performance. It allows delegates to experience getting it right.

So, how does it work?

First, our Trainer introduces the theory. Participants are then empowered to build a structure through a Forum, as they direct our Actors in a live demonstration that creates ‘best practice’. After summarising and clarifying this structure, the rest of the time is spent in our small group pods.

Led by our Actor-Facilitators, each pod is about providing quality driven, efficient practice. The small group size offers the perfect balance between learning and doing. Our scenarios are carefully created to increase awareness, skill and confidence. Our feedback is actionable, quite literally, as our Actors are trained to facilitate ideas and offer suggestions that can be used immediately, back in the scenario. This switch between feedback and active practice heightens awareness.  We shine a light on blind spots so that they can be recognised and tackled. We also know that trust is everything, Actors understand the demands of rehearsal better than anyone. Objectives are clear and respect is paramount.

We know our clients love this approach because they use it again and again, all over the world. We’ve created pods for Technology Giants, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and the big Law firms. We’re proud of it because it works: it’s intensive and challenging, short in length but never short on impact or long lasting change.

Trust and respect means we honour our clients’ confidentiality by not shouting too loudly about who they are …but here’s what some of them have to say about their experience:

“The Jewel in the Crown”

Global Head of Learning and Development at Leading Investment Bank.