Behaviours (behaviors to some of you) are our business. Our teams of actors around the World need to understand, articulate and develop in others the key competencies that build great leaders. That’s not all. They also have to: flex to your culture; emotionally engage the participant in a relevant scenario; then direct, support, feedback, coach and challenge that participant to try new behaviours on for size.

(And breathe…)

How do you train to do all of that?

That is the ambition of the Bi-Jingo Academy, home to our programme “Role-play and Facilitation Skills for Actors” – which has received independent endorsement from the Institute of Leadership and Management. Our clients have an assurance that they are receiving quality and value for money.

The skills of an actor are unique. No one practises empathy more than they do. They step into other people’s shoes, analyse and participate in dialogue for a living! With good direction providing focus specific to the training arena, they can prove an invaluable resource for businesses.

OUR ACADEMY IS ENDORSED BY THE ILM: “Detailed and useful feedback for each individual. Very impressive”

“After 7 years in the industry, the opportunity to formalise my understanding of what we do was invaluable. But it went far beyond simply consolidating learning. It’s an intensive opportunity to learn theory, balanced with plenty of opportunity to practise skills.”

Kerrie Farrell – Bi-Jingo Actor and Academy graduate, London.


If you are a client who is interested in working with us, or an Actor who is interested in joining us, wherever you are in the world, get in touch with us here.